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Reinhard Westphal specialises in photography for luxury hotels around the world.  He works closely with the brand’s creative team adhering to their specific requirements while consistently producing strong imagery that feature the unique venues, rooms, suites and locations of that property.

Reinhard covers all aspects of hotel-resort photography. This includes not only photography of the exterior architecture and interior spaces of a hospitality property, but also lifestyle photography of people and recreational activities, food & beverage photography, and photography of other hospitality amenities present at resorts and hotels.  He is an approved and preferred photographer for several high end hotel chains. 

In the mid-eighties he received a degree in Aerial and Close-Range photogrammetry from SSPO- St.Gallen, Switzerland. A stint in the world of Geospatial Imaging in Switzerland and Germany for Hansa Luftbild Air Surveys was then followed by more photogrammetric mapping projects in the Middle East before establishing his own company in Dubai.


Reinhard is also an expert in photography of large scale commercial projects including office buildings,  shopping malls, retail stores, skyscrapers and public and cultural spaces.

Reinhard is available for editorial and commercial assignments worldwide.

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